“We have created courses after years of research. Our Online Learning Program treats students like individuals, it satisfies your unique learning needs, goals and entrance schedule as per your way.”

In the present era, almost all competitive examinations are conducted online and to meet the demands of the students regarding their online test preparation towards JEE (Mains and Advance), NEET, OLYMPIADS and other Engineering and Medical Examinations, Vidya Ashram Career Institute has come up with a unique learning program called ‘E-Learning Program’ or ‘ELP’ aka ‘Online Learning Program’ or ‘OLP’.

The Online Learning Program brings you the most successful education-tech product to score higher. It provides you with cutting edge analysis and assessments with strong self-learning content and powerful scoring packs.

The students who attend our Classroom Program conducted by the top-notch faculty at Vidya Ashram can avail the benefits of our Online Learning Program. Along with the classroom lectures, they can prepare for their exams strategically, by working on Mock Tests, Sample Tests, Practice Test and Entrance Test Papers etc. Moreover, those students who cannot come down to our Ashram for the Classroom Program can purchase our Online Learning Program online and prepare for the entrance exams by themselves at home.

By logging on to our website www.vidyaashram.co.in you can directly go to the Online learning Program which is a robust test platform by us for practicing and improvising your preparation for various competitive exams. It features not only practice mock tests but also offers instant exhaustive analysis and performance feedback of the student based on his test scores and AIR (All India Ranks). This helps students to make a constructive study plan and optimize preparation for the respective competitive examinations.

The E-Learning Program is divided into 3 categories:

1. VACI Online Learning Program for Engineering

Under this program, the students can practice unlimited questions with Mock Tests (offline) and secure a top rank in Engineering Entrance Exams like JEE Mains and JEE Advanced using this platform. Moreover, they can have it from the website also by signing up into the E-Learning Program. Any student can leverage the most advanced test analysis to understand all his/her conceptual weaknesses and master the skills and strategies to score higher.

Features of VACI Online Program for Engineering:
  • Unlimited questions to secure a top rank and practice better.
  • Chapter-wise practice sessions with quality questions.
  • Solutions and explanations for each question along with list of key concepts.
  • Real time feedback to improve your attempt effectiveness.
  • Test series of different types which are of the same difficulty level as the actual exam.
  • Advanced test analysis and detailed feedback on each test.
  • Tips, tricks and strategies to manage time and improve your speed and accuracy.
  • Chapter-wise analysis and question-wise analysis to improve on your weak concepts.
  • Test-On-Test performance analysis to detect your patterns in mistakes.

VACI Engineering App

Get ready to experience the best test-feedback and analysis through ‘VACI Engineering App’. The App helps you to track your exact areas of improvement, right from conceptual errors to careless mistakes. It provides you highly personalized analysis for each test.

VACI Engineering App is a platform that has revolutionized the way students prepare for their exams. It uses data to provide advanced test analysis that pinpoints the exact areas a student is lagging behind. Using this technology, VACI Engineering App was designed to give detailed feedback on your tests and identify:

  • Academic Weaknesses – Your academic proficiency forms 60 percent of your score.
  • Behavioral Loopholes – Working upon your behavioral issues, like nervousness and overconfidence, can improve your score by 20 percent.
  • Irregularities in your Test-Taking Skills – Having skills like ability to select the right questions, time-management skills, etc. can boost your score by 20 percent. VACI Engineering App considers all these aspects and ensures you overcome them to score as high as possible.

Features of VACI Engineering App
  • 1. Improved time management
  • 2. Improved speed and accuracy
  • 3. Elimination of careless mistakes
  • 4. Awareness of behavioral issues causing you to lose marks
  • 5. Awareness of your areas of improvement
  • 6. Insights around test taking strategies for better scores in the subsequent tests
  • With all these features, this app ensures your overall development and guarantees your improved overall score.

    NOTE : - VACI Engineering is exclusively for engineering aspirants who are preparing for JEE Main, JEE Advanced, and various other state-level engineering entrance exams.

    We wish you All the Best for your future endeavors!

VACI Online Learning Program for Medical
VACI Foundation, Class 6th-10th